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17/4/14 107/365

Confusion over which type of mole I was having removed today. I had advice on using lemonade bottles that made them deaf and a question about ants too!

My mole was painlessly removed and now just needs to heal up and hopefully not scar my face.

14/4/14 104/365

The first photos are of what I left followed by what I returned to. PBD had a full change of clothes but Iris stayed clean.

Well done Chris on the first full day of Daddy Daycare and in getting everyone to play school this afternoon too!

12/4/14 102/365

A trip to Cannon Hall Farm went down well with Pearl, Iris and their fake cousins, Freya and Alice.

It was odd for me to see a farm without any mud. Seeing how many people were there to see the lambs and other animals made me realise that I was lucky to experience farm life as a child/teenager even though it didn’t seem it at the time. There were some Jacob sheep and lambs just like the ones we used to have too.

I also bumped into one of Mum’s nearest farm neighbours with their birds of prey on show (I don’t agree with tethered birds). They has noticed that mums white ducks were travelling further at the moment, I explained about Milly puppy!

11/4/14 101/365

I quickly made Pearl and Easter bonnet using super glue, pipe cleaners, a level of panic and a good dose of guilt. When I saw the other nursery entries it is clear I need to start planning and creating just after Christmas next year!

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