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Pearl swallowed a 5p piece today so we had to have a trip to A&E to get checked out. After the chest X-ray it seems that the coin isn’t in her lungs or airways so must be further down so only a matter of time until we see it again! We got a free teddy bear too who is now called 5p Bear!

The staff were fantastic and we were there less than an hour. The nurse that looked after us said he already knew Pearl. It turns out that he is the dad to the other very premature baby who was in the intensive care incubator next to Pearl. Florence was born a day earlier than Pearl but was about 14 weeks early, so really tiny. It was nice to catch up and hear how Florence is doing and see photos too, she’s thin like PBD is. He also updated us that the very very poorly baby on the other side of Pearl’s incubator also made good progress and got to go home too, it was touch and go with that baby on occasions. It’s great to hear happy endings nearly 2 years on, I’ve often wondered about those babies and how they are now.


The poppies at The Tower of London. They are brighter in the sunshine but still very very impressive. I’ll need to order one or two now.

Followed by a great evening with Micon, Jodie, Tony, Tom and Penny. The damp World Record bunting was handed over too!

London is just as amazing in the dark as it is in the daytime.


I bought 435m of genuine Cragg Vale world record beating bunting today. It’s not all for me don’t worry.

This bunting was part of the 10k length of bunting that ran alongside the longest continuous assent for the Tour de France. It broke the world record and was up for sale now it’s been taken down. All money goes to the Mountain Rescue team so a great cause.

It had to be measured out in 25m lengths along the road so it took a while to do. It’s rather weathered but is still fab. Mine is going in my garden.

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