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Bye bye TT. Hello A5.

It’s the end of an era today. The TT was bought before I got married and had children. I’ve kept hold of it 2 years longer than expected but now it’s time to grow up and be sensible (for a while only)!


A trip to the zoo followed by a visit from Wynn. PBD and Isobel loved doing butterfly selfies!

(Now) Favourite Uncle Wynn arrived bearing gifts for me and the babies. The rocking horse is a huge hit and I’m sure PBD and Iris will be fighting over it in years to come. We don’t see enough of Wynn but lives are busy and time passes quickly.


My fabulous birthday presents from Wynn. Not sure what outfit I’ll wear my new necklace with but I love it.

My desk wheely bin and cup are already in good use.

*note: baby on board badge was from my pregnancies with PBD and Iris. It is NOT, I repeat NOT, a clue for a future announcement!


The bunting at Mum’s has finally come down, all celebrations are now over. Alice was shoved up to grab the last bit as the ladders had been put away.

PBD got new wellies today and seems to like them. They’ve been left at Grandma’s as there’s more mud there than home.


PBD 2 years ago at 2 weeks old, still in SCBU weighing less than 4lb, being tube fed and still attached to wires and monitors.

Then 1 year ago giving Emily doll a cuddle.

And a photo from last week. Hasn’t she grown lots? Still skinny though.

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